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Utah Whippet Rescue

If you have found or lost a whippet, contact us immediately! we can help you find lost whippets & owners! Whippet rescue has a great contacts that can assist in the process.

Utah’s whippet population is quite small but we do have a handful of whippets that are in need of  rescue or a new home. Utah Whippet rescue volunteers are part the nation wide Whippet Rescue &  Placement (WRAP). This is a great group of volunteers that rescue, foster, train and place whippets across the U.S.

Available Whippets for Adoption

There are no whippets in Utah rescue at this time. I recommend checking WRAP's home page for rescues in the surrounding states. If you are actively looking for a whippet, please contact me for referrals.

Whippet Application Process

Whippets are very rare in Utah and Patience is needed if you want a rescue. We only get 2-3 whippets a year and over 20 applications. Whippets are placed in homes that are best suited for their needs, not first come first serve.

Check the WRAP's web site to see all available Whippets in the surrounding states. These whippets are available for adoption if transportation can be arranged by vehicle and road trip. (WRAP does ship whippets by plane)
Click here for Whippet Rescue & Placement Home Page

Utah Whippet Rescue

All Whippets that are placed in a home by WRAP are vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed/neutered, vet checked and heart worm tested. They also come from foster homes that know the whippet’s personalities and quirks. Families that are going through the application process are prescreened, interviewed and their homes inspected to ensure that the breed is a good fit for their family and lifestyle.

Adoption prices range between $300-$400 depending on the age of the whippet. This adoption fee covers the cost of the veterinary care, health testing and spay/neuter charge.

Whippet Rescue is also available to foster whippets that need to be re-homed due to personal or family crisis. Please do not take your whippet to the shelter! Whippets do terrible in shelter and kennel situations. WRAP can foster them and help find them a new home. We are also available to assist other rescue groups with whippet fostering and pre-screened family contacts.

Please contact us with your questions about Whippet adoption and fostering

Liz Campbell
Utah WRAP Volunteer


Adoption Success Stories!

Oliver (“Ollie”) is a fun, spunky boy. He is large whippet standing at 22 inches at the shoulders. Oliver had a blue eye which is not good in whippets. Blue eyes are linked to health problems and deafness. Oliver was not deaf himself but he could have produced deaf puppies. Luckily he was already neutered when his previouse home came to us for help placing him. He was very sweet and loves to be around people and dogs. He was adopted to a wonderful family in Utah. They live near walking trails so he gets to hike frequently with his new Yorkie friend. Oliver is responding well to his training with coming when called by his new owners. He has two children to play with in his new home. We look forward to seeing this boy around town.


Ellie- 1 year old female

Ellie is a tiny tiny Whippet girl and weighs in at 21lbs. She is energetic, sweet girl who loves people.Her energy was a bit challenging at times and she was always excited to try new things. She was also known to be able to leap up a good 5 feet strait into the air when she wanted to go outside. Ellie found a forever home with lots of active boys to play with.



Jack 10 year old male

Jack was found wondering in a snow storm when someone picked him up. He was very skinny and in poor shape. Despite our best efforts the owners could never be located. Jack is an incredibly sweet boy who loves to be close to you at all times. He was adopted by a wonderful woman in colorado who enjoys adopting older whippets because of their sweet calm personalities. Jack now gets to go to work with her and be by her side all day. Jack hit the Jackpot with his new owner. We will miss this clowny boy!



Utha Whippet Rescue

Buster 10 year old male

Buster came to Whippet Rescue in need of a retirement home. Buster was a wonderful foster who stole everyone's heart that he met. He came into rescue at the age of 10 years old and looking for a peaceful quiet home with no children. He also needed to gain a few pounds. He was adopted by a wonderful whippet friendly couple who made a huge donation towards his vet care and oral health. They are exactly what this sweet old boy needed! He will be missed by his foster mom but she knows that he found his perfect forever home.



Tiger 1 year old male

Tiger came to us from out of state along with his brother. Tiger was a very active whippet with eyes to die for! He was adopted to a great family who is able to give him the exercise that he so badly needed. His new family worked with him in obedience class where he earned the Canine Good Citizen award. What a great accomplishment! We also routinely see Tiger at our fun run events and recently came out to both a Lure Coursing and IWRO event. This HotRod is a hard one to beat! Tiger took a 3rd placement at the USRCC Lure coursing trial in September.




Whippet rescue

Walter 1 year old male

Walter came from out of state with his brother Tiger. Walter had some basic quirks that most whippets can get when left un-trained, un-exercised and alone. He was adopted to a great family willing to help him with his training. He now lives a great life with 4 kids who keep him exercised and running. He also has a new black Labrador friend. Thanks for giving this handsome guy a chance! He is such a wonderful boy. It's great to see him with a family that loves him.



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